Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten & Family Playgroup
Welcome to Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten & Family Playgroup

Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup has been a valuable part of the local community since 1974 when it started as a small playgroup in the old building on these grounds. Since then it has grown to be a well respected Kindergarten and Playgroup, with the convenience of the local child health nurse in the adjoining building.

Our site is peaceful and relaxed. It has exceptional facilities, resources and landscaping all built up over the years by parents looking to the future.

Being a Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup, we are totally run by a Committee consisting of both Kindergarten and Playgroup members and rely strongly on fundraising to maintain and expand on what we have.

Community Kindergartens focus totally on the needs of young children without the intrusion of the issues of a larger school. They are unique, special and valued by the community.

Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup is so well loved, we even have parents now sending their children to the centre they once attended.

A Little History

Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup started in 1974 as a playgroup in the old house that was originally on this site.

The old kindergarten

Many families attended the playgroup over the following years but with the deteriorating conditions of the building it was in 1987 that the Shire of Mundaring granted permission and approval for the construction of a new building with an attached child health clinic. The original building was built at a cost of $62,300 with the Shire contributing $31,300, a Government grant of $25,000 and the Glen Forrest Playgroup and Kindy parents raising $6,000.

In August 1988 the current centre was officially opened. Over the next nine years the Family Playgroup and Kindergarten operated together from this building with between 2 & 3 groups of Kindy children (ie. 40-60 children) each year and approximately 40-50 family playgroup members. Over these years, many long hours of hard work and fundraising were put in by the community to facilitate, resource and landscape this beautiful centre.

Family and Children Services helped with the Kindy teacher and assistant's salaries for part of this time until 1997 when the Education Department of WA took over. In 1998 the centre became Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup Inc., what we currently are today.

We must all ultimately aim to develop in children a love of learning


The centre can cater for up to 20 children per session. To attend kindy children must be already 4 or else turn 4 before the 30th of June of the year they attend.
Each child enrolled in the program is entitled to 15 hours contact time per week.
This being as follows:
  • Tuesday All Day 9.00- 2.45
  • Wednesday Morning 9.00-12.30
  • Thursday All Day 9.00- 2.45

A Community Kindergarten is a community based facility and, like school based kindergartens, are registered under the School Education Act (1999), to offer an educational program to children during their first year of schooling.

A community kindergarten is a kindergarten that operates in a purpose built building that is not located on the school site. They offer an alternative to school-based on-site kindergartens and typically operate in facilities that are leased from local government. They provide kindergarten programs for children who turn four years of age by 30 June in the year they attend.

The management of community kindergartens is shared between the Parent Committee and the Kindergarten Teacher who work very closely together. The Community based kindergartens teacher and program are under the authority of the Department of Education and Training, and the principal at the local linked school, being Glen Forrest Primary, is the line manager. Kindergarten children from the Community Kindy have exactly the same access to the local school as the school based Kindy have.



Our Vision Statement is to inspire children to achieve the best they can in all aspects of their learning.
Our Mission is to make our classroom a safe, nurturing, happy, challenging and fun learning environment where we encourage children to develop socially, emotionally and academically.
GFCK uses "The Leader in Me Program" as a basis of teaching children life and leadership skills to succeed. Children learn how to become self-resilient, control their emotions, prioritise their time, resolve conflicts and interact well with others. For further information follow the link
Community Kindergartens follow the same curriculum as the school kindy, that being the Australian Curriculum along with the Early Learning Framework. We offer intentional and explicit play based learning. It is through play that children learn:

  1. to develop language and communication skills
  2. about themselves and their relationship with others
  3. to care and respect others
  4. co-operation
  5. sharing
  6. to express themselves through music, art and dramatic play
  7. to develop their physical gross motor skills
  8. pre-writing skills
  9. fine motor skills
  10. pre-reading skills, (language and literacy skills)
  11. mathematical skills
  12. problem solving
  13. creative thinking
  14. how to use their initiative,
  15. about the world they live in
  16. how to build Positive Relationships
  17. about Care & Respect
  18. expression through Art, Music & Drama
  19. motor skills & Initiative
  20. a sense of belonging


Term fee contribution - $15/term
Fundraising Levy (if not able to fundraise) Semester 1 - $80
Semester 2 - $80
Incursions/Excursions - approximately $60/year
Work Sample Book and Library Bag (compulsory) - $70
T-shirts - $20 each
Windcheaters - $28 each
DVD (of children's day) - Approx $55

Prices may vary slightly, but this is a good representation of expenses.


Parent involvement is both encouraged and appreciated. We have a parent helper roster for each morning and invite you to put your name down several times a term. Being on roster not only gives you the opportunity to assist and see what is going on in your child's day, but also gives them the chance to be helper for the day with special jobs and responsibilities. If mums and dads are busy, grandparents are also welcome.

During the year we also host several special days for parents to attend, including an Easter parade, a Mother's Day Pamper Session and a Father's Day Breakfast. Plus a Christmas concert and handing out of Graduation certificates.



Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup runs playgroup sessions
Monday and Friday mornings from 9.30am till 11.30am.

We cater for up to 18 families per session and currently have vacancies in both classes.

The centre provides a great opportunity for you to spend some fun time with your children in a safe, warm and friendly environment. You will also have the opportunity to meet other parents and carers and your child will have lots of new friends to play with.


Playgroup sessions operate during normal school term dates. The playgroup is closed on public holidays and during school holidays. This allows for special cleaning to be done.


Playgroup Fees - $40/term
Levy Semester One - $65
Levy Semester Two - $65


As you can imagine, the fees do not cover the expenses to keep the centre running and we rely heavily on fundraising. We hold one major fundraiser per term which parents are asked to participate in. This may be a Bunnings Sausage sizzle, selling chocolate boxes, or similar. If parents are not able to help, they have the option of paying a fundraising levy of $130 per year instead ($65 for Semester 1 and $65 for Semester 2).

Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup are Associate Members of the Playgroup Association. However we do not have our insurance and Public Liability through them. Consequently all new members must pay the $22 insurance component included in our fee structure upon joining, even if one has already paid insurance at another centre.

For more information about our fees, fundraising, refunds and policies, please come in and ask. Be sure to have a wander around while you're there.

This centre provides a great opportunity for you to spend some fun time with your children

My Program For Your Child To Become A Happy Healthy Person

  • This means that whilst my program is age appropriate to the Kindy year it is flexible to accommodate children at different levels of development.
  • Emphasises play that is child initiated, child directed, teacher supported and stimulated.
  • Provides for all areas of a child’s development - physical, social and emotional, cognitive, creative and language and integrates these areas.
  • Learning is through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials.
  • Learning activities and materials will be concrete, relevant and real to their lives.

Builds Positive Self‑Esteem

  • Every child will have the same opportunities as all other children regardless of gender, race, religion, physical difference or behaviour.
  • They will learn to have pride in who and what they are and what they can achieve.
  • The program provides encouragement to develop independence. They will learn to be away from you and this may take a little time.
  • They will learn to work with teachers and other adults.
  • They will learn to work with a large/small group of children or alone. They will be encouraged but never forced.
  • They will learn to share and cooperate.
  • They will learn simple rules and routines.
  • They will learn to question and answer.
  • They will learn to never be afraid to ask for help.


  • Activities and experience will match and challenge the child’s ability, interests and understandings.
  • Unexpected events will be catered for.
  • Children’s needs, interests and creative ideas will be utilised.


  • There will be vigorous and quiet play.
  • There will be indoor and outdoor play.
  • There will be play alone and play with others.
  • There will be free play and structured play.

Environment Is Warm, Secure And Responsive

  • Positive guidelines, praise and encouragement are used to encourage acceptable behaviour.
  • An atmosphere of cooperation is my aim.


  • I will be alert to signs of undue stress in children’s behaviour.
  • I will provide stress reducing activities and techniques.


  • I will maintain interest, openness and readiness to new ideas and theories to guide and further enhance the experiences offered to the children.
  • Our centre features up to date modern technology in the classroom including an interactive board as well as 2 computers for the children’s use.

Maintains Continuous Developmental Assessments

  • Decisions about a child will never be made on the basis of a single developmental assessment.
  • Many relevant observational techniques and information will be used.
  • Teacher and parents always working together.


One method used to communicate with parents is through a Work Sample Book . This booklet is sent home at the end of each term. In it are samples of the child's work demonstrating their progress and development over the course of the year and includes teacher comments and observations attached to each sample. Also included twice a year is a Developmental Profile of each child, covering their physical , social and emotional development, literacy and numeracy skills.

Learning is through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials.

The management of community kindergartens is shared between the Parent Committee and the Kindergarten Teacher who work very closely together. Community based kindergartens are under the authority of the Department of Education and Training.

The Parent Management Committee of a community kindergarten is a voluntary organisation made up of parents whose children are currently enrolled in the kindergarten or playgroup in the current year. This committee is authorised to manage and control the business of the centre under its constitution.

The parent management committee is central to the workings of the centre. The roles of each committee member are vital, as the centre cannot function without the committee. The parent management committee comprises a president, treasurer, secretary and representatives from both playgroup and kindy.

The rewards associated with being on the committee are being able to share the love of the centre with your child and become part of its history. You can help fundraise and decide where the money should be spent. You can get to understand the workings of the Centre and how it affects your child. You can share the satisfaction of seeing the centre running smoothly and providing your child with the best start to their education.

If everyone stands up to help a little, imagine what we can achieve!
Christmas Raffle
Every year Glen Forrest Community Kindergarten and Family Playgroup holds a raffle which is strongly supported by the local community. Donations are received from many local businesses, families and members.
You can find a list of these generous people on our supporters page.
Raffle tickets are sold on Saturdays in November and December at local centres. The prizes are always amazing and well worth supporting with a ticket or ten.

You can find us at;
Outside Glen Forrest IGA on Saturday (TBA) in November
Coles Mundaring in November
Woolworths Mundaring in first week of December

Helena Valley IGA
Bunnings Midland
Glen Forrest Liquor Store
Bungalow Craft Shop
Glen Forrest Chemist
Glen Forrest Meat Supply
Bilgoman Motors
Kiah Hairdressing and Natural Beauty
Shire of Mundaring
Mundaring Community Bank
Chevron Pty Ltd
Lottery West
Hangers Boutique Mundaring
Zanthorrea Nursery
Glen Forrest Bakery
Parkerville Tavern
John Forrest Tavern
Darlington Winery
IGA Glen Forrest
IGA Swanview
Coles Mundaring and Midland
Woolworths Mundaring and Midland
Glen Forrest Natural Beauty
Glen Forrest Liquor Store
Glen Forrest Gourmet
Glen Forrest Take away
Glen Forrest Physiotherapy
Mosh Hair Salon
Scents of Style Florist Glen Forrest
Tulips Beauty Mundaring
Club Sierra
Glen Forrest Post Office
The Brook Restaurant
Hills Fresh Mundaring
Mount Helena Tavern
All Aboard Sea Foods
Slater and Gartrell

Playgroup registrations can be done in person during either of the sessions, provided there is a current vacancy. You can pop in to visit and fill in a form or call us on 9298 9250.
You can also download a form here and bring it with you.
Enrolment morning is the first Monday children recommence the school year in January/February. This information is advertised on the front door, as well as adverts placed in the Hills Gazette diary section in January.

Kindy registrations opens in March of each year and closes early July. Feel free to call us to see if any places become available during the year. Birth extract, immunisation record and proof of residence (like driver's license) need to be brought along when making your application. Please remember, children may only apply for one public school placement at a time.
Term dates can be found on the Education Department website page here
Contact us

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47a Marnie Road,
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Western Australia, 6071

E-mail and telephone
|9298 9250
Contact: Jan Jost


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